Modest one moment and upscale the next, Sylvan Park and Cherokee Park are respites from the ambitious clatter of West End Avenue. Lined with homes not unlike the kind you might see in a Thomas Kinkade painting, most of which were built between 1920 and 1950, these neighborhoods are quiet and fairytale-ish. Bountiful with historic houses exemplifying the Tudor Revival, Bungalow, Colonial Revival and Clapboard architectural styles, Sylvan Park and Cherokee Park are right off the highway and less expensive than the Green Hills, Richland-West End or Belmont neighborhoods. They offer a haven seemingly worlds away from vociferous city-life to anyone between the ages of 1 and 100, to teachers and lawyers, to artists and athletes alike.

The populations of Sylvan Park and Cherokee Park are uniquely diverse in connection with their location and varying real estate prices. In this area, students hoping to live close to campus can afford to rent, and commuting parents with children in Kindergarten and high school can afford to purchase. Ethnic, racial and gender diversity are evident alongside the wide age range notable in the area, and the resulting warm and welcoming community is palpable the moment you step outside for a jog or a walk to the local farm-to-table grocery store. Folks here enjoy venturing into the city on weekends to experience Nashville's distinct music scene, working from home when they're able, cooking with organic ingredients, gathering for company in each other's homes, buying local and riding bicycles.

When traipsing down Murphy Road for some Music City cuisine and cocktails in their own neighborhood, residents patronize cutesy and quality eats such as Star BagelCaffe NonnaDose Coffee & TeaLocal TacoMcCabe Pub and Neighbors. Gift boutiques and a locally-owned gas station/body shop/beer store sit huddled between restaurants, and the sun sets in a spray of rich colors just over McCabe Park. Across the roundabout awaits McCabe Park Community Center. Here, you'll stumble upon exercise classes, a dance studio, after-school programs, a fitness center and indoor track, a continuing public art gallery, a gymnasium and recreational sports programs for youth and adults. The park itself is beautiful in summer and winter, has its own golf course, and connects to the Richland Creek Greenway, a park adjacent to the Cherokee Park neighborhood.

Through a network of back roads, residents can navigate the frenetic traffic of West End Avenue, Charlotte Avenue and Hillsboro Pike. There's a Dairy Queen nearby lest you start lamenting the lack of ice cream in your freezer, a farmers market just a quick jaunt away, and copious porch swings for snoozing, reading or lightning-bug watching. Make a nest in Sylvan Park or Cherokee Park and you'll find you can appreciate a city bursting with life in light of the sweetness is can possess.