Finding the right school for your child is crucial when moving somewhere new. Nashville is home to a plethora of nurturing, empowering public and private schools, and the abundance of educational institutions can be overwhelming. Below are links to school locators based on neighborhood zip codes, as well as databases filled to the brim with school listings. Once you've selected a handful of schools to check out, tours, teacher and administrator meetings and test score comparisons may be in order. Here's your hub for all of the above.



GreatSchools helps you locate schools based on zip codes and distance. Upon selecting schools of interest, you can "Compare Schools" and identify how each option matches the needs of your child.

Metro Nashville Public Schools is your ultimate guide to the Metro schools around town. Here, find useful links to school websites, information about academics and guidance on visiting and picking schools.

Private Schools listed by Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce is an expansive list of private institutions in town, complete with addresses, phone numbers, religious affiliations, grades and website links.



This 2015 PDF document introduces parents to the wonderful world of choice-based school enrollment and selection lotteries. Numbers acquired from choice-based school selection in other states and counties suggest this method of enrollment expands every student's academic horizon. It demands research and interest from parents, but a quality education that enriches your student's life is well worth the homework. For more information on how academic performance is measured, check out Tennessee's State Report Card. For info specifically about Nashville's public schools, see the School Data page on the MNPS website.



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