Looking for access to grocery stores and farmers markets, high-end caffeinated beverages, music venues and city-life quirks? Hoping for some hustle and bustle but suspicious of high-rise apartments? Have no fear, high-rise apartments are available for the glamorous professional or designer, but not necessary. This place of residence is lively and packed with places to go, but intertwined with cozy neighborhood streets. Richland-West End is one of the priciest neighborhoods in Nashville, largely due to its below average crime rate, ideal location for commuters, and high-quality homes which possess both character and style. Approximately 90% of the houses in this area were constructed between 1905 and 1935, according to Neighborhood Scout, and though renovations have taken place the historic aura of each home is still intact.

With multiple college campuses ten minutes away in any direction, Richland-West End retains a youthful but subdued air. Inhabited mostly by families, sales professionals, managers, tech support, restaurant staff, retirees, twenty-something students and a handful of government employees, incomes vary among households. The sidewalks and streets are favorable for pre-marathon training, dog-walking and stroller-pushing, and the noise of busy West End doesn't lessen the restfulness of family life. West End Avenue and Charlotte Pike bookend the neighborhood for quick access to offices, museums, churches and entertainment Downtown, and the area is walkable and speckled with bus stops.

Not just a business hub marked by office buildings, West End Avenue is dappled with whimsical coffeehouses and meeting spaces such as Atmalogy and Three Brothers Coffee, in the event that Starbucks is too crowded for your liking. Smoothie bars, hot yoga studios and flower shops are wedged together with retail chains such as Office Depot and Barnes & Noble, restaurants like Chili's and P.F. Chang's, and concert venue Exit/In. If you're interested in quirky eats with personality, Cafe Coco, Hurry Back and Tin Angel are all great alternatives to McDonald's chicken nuggets. Once you're ready to stretch your legs, lush Centennial Park is right off West End. The Parthenon, an iconic feature of Music City and full-scale replica of the Athenian original, functions as an art museum in the park, and on Saturday nights in the summertime Centennial hosts public swing dance shindigs open to anyone looking for kicks, dance experience not required.

If you need occasional metropolitan mirth and spontaneity to interrupt relaxed Netflix nights, Richland-West End could be just right for you. If you'd rather play golf, do laps around a private pool or play tennis encapsulated by the lavish grounds of Richland Country Club, Richland-West End could be just right for you. And if you're ambitious, active, fun-loving, healthy-eating or experience-seeking, Richland-West End could be just right for you. Get the city life without being swallowed up by the city.