Before ever receiving its name or official status as a neighborhood, the Oak Hill area was a settlement that saw early horse-breeding plantations, battles of The Civil War and the industrialization of Nashville. With a population that doesn't quite hit 5,000 and an expanse of residential streets to guide one past countless unique houses perched on hillsides, Oak Hill is a placid, vaguely rustic neighborhood for homeowners in need of a balance between Music City's eventful calendar and easygoing everyday life.

Included as a component of Davidson County after being incorporated in 1952, Oak Hill is recognized by its starkly low crime rate, gorgeous natural surroundings and financially secure residents. Over 70% of the people living here received a 4-year degree or advanced degrees, and while the area is family-friendly and supportive, raucous nightlife is virtually nonexistent unless you go elsewhere. Renowned Rador Lake State Park is well within the borders of the neighborhood, and the glitzy shopping and dining adventures available along Hillsboro Pike aren't far from anyone's driveway.

Populated by numerous artists, designers and white-collar workers, it's no surprise that more than 95% of the residents in Oak Hill work in healthcare, sales, management, media or computers.* Relative to the rest of the country, the number of telecommuters and work-from-home entrepreneurs living in these areas is extremely high, encouraging a relaxed and balanced environment for professionals whose work is forever mingled with their family lives. The friendly social atmosphere provides children with a safe and welcoming environment where they'll meet plenty of friends, whether at the house next door or at one of the numerous public schools or churches in the area.

This is the place to make you feel you're always far enough away from the city but just close enough. Oak Hills offers space, connection and calm, recharging the active Nashville citizen for another day of productivity, meal-planning, carpooling and budgeting.

*Statistics found at Neighborhood Scout.