12 South

Whether your passion is coffee or craft brew, art or artisan ice cream, 12 South has something for anyone who wants comfort, kicks and a nice place to walk their dog. As safe and friendly as it is unique, 12 South feels like home.


Green Hills


Whether you own a business, run several ventures or have three fun-loving kids, Green Hills may have the peace and quiet you need but the energy and hustle you enjoy. Calm but close to a chic city scene, Green Hills has it all.


Richland-West End


Less cluttered than Downtown and every bit as industrious, Richland-West End captures culture and professionalism. Find porch-swings and picket fences in an area speckled with quirky eats, historic churches and solid businesses.


The Nations


Want access to upscale boutiques, hip breweries and authentic ethnic food? Hunting for a home with as much personality as you in a location that's safe, spacious, calm and convenient? Have no fear, The Nations is here.


Professionals, healthy-eaters, lovers of local business and readers of the classics, welcome home. Settled amidst Green Hills, Downtown Nashville and 12 Ave South, the Belmont neighborhood is spacious, sweet and full of life.


Forest Hills


A testament to Tennessee's unrivaled beauty and uniquely community-minded, this small city is nearly void of commercial development. Intellectuals, family-oriented entrepreneurs, cyclists - find warmth and friendliness here.


Sylvan Park & Cherokee Park


Sylvan Park & Cherokee Park are idyllic oases with walk-able sidewalks, local grocers and cafes, historic houses and diverse neighbors. For families and professionals alike, this halcyon home is like something out of a storybook.




Bellevue will charm you with its quiet and cultured population, modest but elegant residential roads, and nearby natural havens. With jogging trails and playgrounds nearby, Bellevue is a home away from hectic Downtown.

Belle Meade

Fairy-tale homes abounding, Belle Meade is a bubble of serenity in a vivacious town. Distinct from Nashville but still considered part of Music City, Belle Meade has museums, parks and all the privacy anyone could hope for. 


Oak Hill


Known by its residents' passion for the arts, business savvy, family dedication and affinity for academics, this tranquil, tiny town wraps around renowned Radnor Lake and dangles an arm's length away from glitzy Green Hills.


Crieve Hall


Nestled between Old Hickory Blvd and Harding Place, Crieve Hall is home to countless families, multiple schools and active musicians. Understated and enchanting, folks here live just two stoplights away from the Nashville Zoo.