With barely 5,000 people living in this tiny city and virtually no commercial development, Forest Hills is the definition of serene. Incorporated in the 1950s, Forest Hills saw the skyrocketing economic growth and cultural shifts occurring in Nashville at the conclusion of World War II. Since then, it has blossomed into a family-oriented neighborhood that prizes Nashville's natural beauty. Though it lacks a public transit system for residents commuting to work, its public school district is of utmost quality and most residents are supporters of the arts, lovers of local business and travel addicts.

Nearly 80% of adults in Forest Hills graduated from college with a 4-year or advanced degree, and most employed folks work in healthcare, sales, management, design or media.* As if this emphasis on education weren't enough, urban sophisticates - the cultured, art-loving intellectuals of the world - make up a large portion of the neighborhood's demographics. Considering that Forest Hills has a crime rate lower than the national average, safety is hardly a concern. Children living in this area dwell at the heart of a learned, creative and compassionate community, positively affecting their environment as they socialize, play and discover in the neighborhood's many public parks and community areas.

Forest Hills borders the famously lovely Radnor Lake State Park and proudly procures outdoorsy community spaces like the Bikeway, wildflower park Bison Meadow and several public playgrounds. In recent years, Goodwill began home pick-up services for citizens, and the city's enthusiasm in introducing this service emphasizes its service-minded attitude. Many citizens are involved in charities, non-profits, volunteer opportunities and church organizations, stirring a familial and generous air in the neighborhood's social climate. Forest Hills, peppered with generous and driven individuals, autumn colors and intellectually enriching community, showcases Nashville's kindness as well as its cultivated beauty. It is an advantageous nest for anyone looking to experience the tranquility of Tennessee alongside the metropolitan shimmer of Music City.

*Statistics found at Neighborhood Scout.