Reduce, Reuse, Recycling - Here's Nashville's Process

Having just moved into a new apartment in Nashville, figuring out how to get my recyclable trash recycled has been a nuisance. For anyone in the same boat, the first thing you should know is the phone number for anyone confronted with total bewilderment about recycling in Nashville: (615) 880-1000. These digits ring the Metro Government of Nashville Customer Service folks.

Curbside bins you'll see around town. Brown is for trash and Grayish-Green is for recycling.

Curbside bins you'll see around town. Brown is for trash and Grayish-Green is for recycling.

Here are the essentials of Nashville’s recycling situation. One green curbside recycling bin is provided for each single-family home in the Urban Services District of Nashville, and the recycling is picked up once a month. Extra bins can be requested free of charge, and if you’re in need of one you can call the number listed above.

Items that aren’t acceptable are glass, soiled food containers like pizza boxes, plastic toys and plastic bags, although some of these items are accepted at drop-off locations, which we’ll talk about in a second. If you recycle an item or container that had food in it, make sure all the food is cleaned out. Also, break down boxes before putting them in your recycling bin.

Here’s a list of all the recycling drop-off sites in town, if you’re like me and feel an undeniable compulsion to recycle glass regardless of curbside recycling rules. You can cart large recyclables and items the curbside pickups don’t accept to any of these drop-offs on their designated dates and times.

If you’ve just moved to town and don’t have a trash bin or recycling, you can fetch your very own city-approved bins by calling the number above. They walk you through the steps to purchase a trash bin (for a little less than $50) and a recycling bin (free of charge). In theory, they’ll want to just deliver the bins to you.

For any additional information, either call the number above or check out the recycling page on Happy recycling, friends!