Belmont Boulevard is somehow lively and peaceful at the same time. Offering tasty, diverse eats like Bongo JavaChago’s and PM directly across from the lush campus of Belmont University, the neighborhood is nestled right between Downtown and Green Hills. Hardly what folks imagine when they hear “suburb,” the Belmont neighborhood boasts historic and charming homes just a hop, skip and a jump from renowned Nashville hot spots such as Martin’s Bar-B-Que JointParnassus BooksGrimey’s New & Preloved Music and Bluebird Café.

Less pricey than West End and Green Hills, the Belmont neighborhood is a coveted living space and still one of the wealthier neighborhoods in town. Zero homes were built after 1939, and the area has blossomed into a hub for professionals and families with refined tastes in entertainment and cuisine - these folks are often referred to as "urban sophisticates." Belmont claims more urban sophisticates than a whopping 98% of neighborhoods countrywide. Furthermore, 0% of children in the neighborhood live below the poverty line, according to Neighborhood Scout, making this area one of the more financially sound residential bubbles in Tennessee.

Belmont is an ideal neighborhood to run in and commute from, demographically diverse and equidistant from two different Kroger stores. Multiple bus routes go through or near it, making public transport a breeze. It also offers a web of side-streets that can help drivers avoid Hillsboro Pike and Wedgewood traffic if need be. Each house bears a character all its own, and residents can enjoy a life of stunning colors in autumn, weekend walks to 12 Ave South and close proximity to the collegiate music scene of Belmont University. It's as idyllic as it is fun and convenient.