Teeming with townhouses, single-family residences and apartment complexes, and just far enough from busy Music City to feel a little more on the peaceful side, Bellevue offers a distinct living experience. Aside from its reputation as the Nashville neighborhood with endearing streams of row houses and hilly driveways, Bellevue has a library, its own neighborhood park and shopping center,  and a population of friendly folks who cherish nature and art. There's a higher percentage or people living alone in this neighborhood than most anywhere else in Nashville, but don't let the numbers fool you - oodles of families and couples call Bellevue their home.

Though you won't find many CEOs here, plenty of professors, teachers and managers are settled alongside people employed in sales, tech support and clerical positions. This group isn't the wealthiest by any means, but they put family and community first and live comfortably. Bellevue residents enjoy being outdoors, whether they're just walking and appreciating nature, or playing ultimate frisbee and training for their next marathon. The arts are quietly loved here, and residents often make music in their homes or paint at their terrace windows while scrolling their news feeds for the next discount at Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art. Many neighbors trace their heritage back to German, Dutch, English and Jamaican roots, and a small percentage - though massive, compared to the rest of the country - speak fluent Hebrew at home. The people of Bellevue are curious and compelling, cultured and caring all at once.

Bellevue itself has access to the Warner Parks and Natchez Trace Parkway waterfalls and hiking trails, and tends to its own little playground and park, which hosts a concert series and community picnics. The library has books and interactive events for children and teens, offers public meeting spaces and maintains a cafe area. The recently opened Bellevue Place retail oasis brings Michaels, Petco, Pinnacle Financial Partners, Bed Bath & Beyond and Jonathan's Grille to the Bellevue residents, just down the road from Sonic (in case grabbing a Lemonberry Slush and spending an afternoon at the park is your idea of a blissful Saturday). The cultural attractions of Belle Meade are a short jaunt away, and several private and public schools are scattered around the neighborhood's reach. The area is suburban and sweet, calm but close to the highway so excitement and adventure are never too far.