Classy, cozy and occasionally creaky, the houses lining the streets of Belle Meade are regal and warm. This neighborhood is more than just a few streets and a cul-de-sac; Belle Meade is actually its own independent town, though Nashville's metropolitan government does overlook and include it as part of Music City. The town claims a steadfast view of Tennessee's evolution, having been around since long before the Civil War and having received its name possibly as early as 1820. A detailed history of Belle Meade and its trademark, the Belle Meade Plantation, can be found at the mansion's website.

Though one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, Belle Meade is a haven mostly populated by married couples and folks who completed at least 4 years of collegiate education and work white-collar jobs. Along with that, the community is currently home to more artists and designers than 90% of the rest of the country's residential neighborhoods.* Few college kids can be found out and about, and different areas within Belle Meade resemble suburban neighborhoods while others hide mansions between walls of thriving trees. Belle Meade even has its very own Kroger, and sits just down the road from multiple Nashville farmers markets.

The stand-alone city has its own police and its own mayor. It offers an entrance to the widely adored Percy Warner Park and is home to Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. The aforementioned Belle Meade Plantation, an Antebellum mansion-turned-museum and event venue, is the former residence of the most strategic businessman in the pre-Civil War Tennessee horse breeding industry.

Characterized by privacy and quietness while still being personable, the neighborhood is just right for folks seeking life in Nashville that’s also outside of it. In the summertime, luscious trees and vines blanket fences and sidewalks, and in the winter most everything is drenched in elegant, white Christmas lights. A short drive from the hustling, bustling West End, Belle Meade is set apart from noisy city life.

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