A decade and a half ago, the 12 South neighborhood down Granny White Pike was marred by crime and struggling small business owners looking for a place to set up shop. Today, it bustles with young professionals, growing families, friendly dog-walkers and artsy folk looking for a comfy, small-town environment without drifting too far from the excitement of Music City. There are more coffee shops than even the most desperate caffeine addict could possibly hope for, and a ten minute drive is all that stands between residents and The Adventure Science Center or the nearest movie theater. Trendy and cute but still warm and familiar, 12 South is the happy place for college kids, tourists, natives, couples and families alike.

While 12 South is listed among the top 10 priciest neighborhoods in Nashville according to Neighborhood Scout, it's affordable for Nashville real estate. The majority of its houses were constructed before 1969 and are classified as single-family homes, and if anything the higher mortgage and rental rates are indicative of the soaring economic health of the area in comparison with its condition in the early 2000s.

On any sunny day, residents can romp over to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for gourmet sweets, or they can pop by Taqueria del Sol for amazing service and even better tacos and shrimp corn chowder. If shopping till you drop in a lovely neighborhood is your cup of tea, Savant Vintage and Serendipity are just down the street, not to mention Reese Witherspoon’s brick and mortar clothing store, Draper James. When you finish all your errands and need a place to relax, Sevier Park is right at the end of the strip, just across the road from artisan popsicle shop Las Paletas. If you're still hungry after that, Burger Up serves astounding burgers and truffle fries grilled with local love (hint: any beef burger can be served as a slider for almost half the price of most full burgers, and you still get fries on the side).

Depending on the time of year, flowers and fresh peaches might be for sale in the lot next to Midtown Fellowship, as if the area couldn't be any sweeter. There's live music at the Taproom and rent-able bicycles at the park. But past the main strip of 12 Avenue, further into the residential roads, the noise and excitement subsides and the neighborhood becomes a calm, quaint spot to spend your days.